The Predictive Safety & Quality Platform

Prevent incidents and improve operations by capturing inspections, near-misses, and training, analyzing the data, and taking action.

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Inspections anywhere, anytime

Power Up Your Inspections

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Audit Scheduling

Inspection Reminders

Offline & Online

Reference Data

Collect Signatures

Create Inspections In Minutes

Use our drag’n’drop form builder to create powerful inspection forms.

Schedule and Assign Audits

Your people will only see the inspections they are allowed to complete. It’s easy to set a schedule for repeating inspections, too.

No WiFi, No Problem

Whether you’re online or offline, you’ll be able to complete your assigned forms.

Easily Handle Defects

Take photos, add notes, or suggest corrective action when a non-conformance is found

Drive Engagement And Participation

Transform your Safety & Quality Culture

Near Miss Reporting


Safety Bulletins

Dynamic SOPs

Get Feedback

Ergonomic Surveys

Put Near Miss Reporting in Your Pocket

Reporting an incident or new miss can be as few as two taps away. Empower everyone in your organization to submit their observations.

Keep Everyone Updated

Allow managers to share program changes, updates, and accomplishments with the rest of the team

Increase Your Signal

Give your employees a voice and collect feedback on your inspections to drive continuous improvement.

Simplify Compliance

Ensure Compliance and Make Recordkeeping Easier

Incident Management

OSHA Recordkeeping

Action Items

Track and Investigate Incidents

Allow your responders to track needed incident data and thoroughly identify root causes to capture better corrective and preventative action.

Take Action

Action items are suggested through failed inspection elements, incident management, or standalone. Reminders and progress tracking makes sure your team is on top of needed change.

OSHA Recordkeeping

Review and automate submission of your 300A summaries with minimal stress and frustration.

Performance and Insight

Analytics that Predict and Prevent

Visualize Non-Conformances

Understand Trends

Optimize your programs

Gain New Insights

Spend your time where it’s going to make the most impact. Our form analytics tool will show you where to concentrate your effort.

Uncover Common Problems

Once you’re collecting data, we’ll show you non-conformances and problem areas. Maximize your valuable time by finding improvements where they’re needed the most.

Make Sense of your Safety & Quality Data

Our reporting suite helps make sense of your data ocean. Track your metrics, identify trends, and eliminate non-conformance.

Improve Training Compliance

Deliver and Track Training Requirements

Create Training Courses

160+ Courses Available

SCORM Capable

Eliminate lost certificates

Track Certificates

Monitor Compliance

Deliver Training

Create any kind of online training and deliver it to the employees who need it. Training can be created with pdfs, videos, SCORM content, and more.

Content Library

Our training content library comes with 160+ OSHA compliant courses that can be delivered online. Each course can be graded and tracked.

Monitor Training Compliance

Our training reports track all training requirements across your organization and give at-a-glance looks at expired certificates and due training courses.

Transform Your Safety Culture

SafetyAmp is more than just software, its your playbook for achieving your safety and compliance goals

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