Document Control

Keep documents secure, workflows on track, and retrieval simple.

Store policies, procedures, and other documents in a convenient, worker-friendly control system compliant with common standards such as ISO9001.

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Cloud-Based Document Control

Simplify Document Access and Management

Revision Control


Track Reviews

Automated Notifications


In-app Viewing

Distribute Documents With Ease

Managing policies, procedures, and other compliance documents in one, centralized, worker-friendly interface.

  • Manage revision and approval workflows end-to-end
  • Preview most documents without external programs
  • Gain visibility into document activity metrics
  • Search for text inside documents to speed up retrieval
  • Access documents on any device

Document Management

Key Features and Benefits


Use document performance as a leading indicator to understand usage and engagement.


Stay on top of document revision and approval workflows.


Easily track when documents should be reviewed next.

Instant Search

Engagement and document use increases when policies are easy to find and access.


Most files can be viewed directly in the application without external programs


Automate e-mail alerts when a document is overdue for a review.


Built-in reporting assists with tracking acknowledgements and document status.

Any Device

Documents can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

If SafetyAmp Looks Useful, You're Probably Right

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